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Hunter HawkEye Elite™ Alignment Machine

Fast setup time, fast results
Get alignment results in 70 seconds – higher productivity leads to greater profits.

Only with a HawkEye Elite® can you perform a 70-second alignment check.

One trip around the vehicle means faster alignments

Show transparency to customers through easy-to-understand printouts.

Alignment Lift Racks

Four Post Alignment Lifts


Hunter offers a four-post model for nearly every need.  Easy to use open-front models make alignment easy.   The widest runways and two wheelbase lengths make easy work of even large trucks.  Add Inflation Station, PowerSlide, and Alignlight options to really ramp up productivity.  


  • Open Front – No Beam
  • 211″ 2-wheel alignment wheelbase 
  • Powerslide and Inflation Station capable

Alignment Scissor LiftS


Hunter’s scissor lift family offers four capacities and several wheelbase lengths to meet virtually any need. Hunter scissor lift racks feature low drive on heights for all models, or even popular flush mount configurations. Add Inflation Station, PowerSlide, and AlignLight options to really ramp up productivity.


  • 14,000 lb capacity

  • 2 x 9,000 lb capacity jacks

  • 182″ 2-wheel alignment wheelbase

  • Surface mount only

  • PowerSlide and Inflation Station capable

Hunter Wheel Balancers

Hunter Road Force® Elite Wheel Balancer

Quickly diagnose vibration issues that traditional balancers can’t identify.

70 seconds.Floor-to-floor diagnostic wheel balance process

66 comebacks avoided. Per year on average with SmartWeight® technology

24 OEMS Approve or require it in their facilities



SmartWeight Touch® Wheel Balancer

Intuitive wheel balancers that offer upscale, premium features. Hunter’s wheel balancers feature patented SmartWeight® technology, built to improve balance, minimize weight usage and maximize productivity.


  • SmartWeight® technology
  • CenteringCheck®
  • On-demand videos
  • Easy-to-use interface

Hunter Tire Changers

Hunter Revolution™ Tire Changer

Fully-automatic changes everything.

Semi-autonomous…WalkAway™ mode frees the operator to perform other tasks
When paired with wheel balancing, a four tire changeover time can be cut by 25% or more!


Fully-automatic keeps operators hands and body safely away from the machine. Wheel lift protects operator’s back.

Hunter Center-Clamp Tire Changers


Hunter offers four models of center-clamp tire changers for any need.  From the popular three button leverless Auto34 to more basic models, damage free operation is attainable for all budgets.



  • 10-34 in. Capability
  • Leverless polymer head
  • Fully synchronized arms
  • Dual roller arms
  • Automatic indention
  • Standard press arm
  • Standard wheel Lift

Brake Lathes

AutoComp Elite™



The Hunter AutoComp Elite™ On-Car Brake Lathe system keeps your brake service a cut above the rest. The AutoComp Elite™ Brake Lathe system was the first to introduce Hunter’s revolutionary Anti-Chatter Technology to provide a smoother surface finish. The AutoComp Elite™ Brake Lathe virtually eliminates the buildup of vibration (chatter) that can occur when machining rotors at a fixed speed.


Quick Check DRIVE™

Accelerate your alignment business with automated inspection with Hunter’s Quick Check Drive™.

Check every vehicle, see every opportunity. No stopping required.

Identify & sell the most profitable service opportunities. 5X alignment opportunities. 

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